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Why Leaders Need to Focus on Operational Excellence

Why Leaders Need To Focus On Operational Excellence

How to Achieve Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is when one business uses business strategies more effectively than their competitors. Excellence is based on results that show their brand is superior. Today, we’re going to learn about it, how to drive operational excellence, its planning, and more.

Operational Excellence

Leaders Need To Focus On Operational Excellence

You need to work towards operational excellence in order to make your business successful.

The principles that drive operational excellence are:

Respect For Every Individual

Every individual working in a business must be respected equally. It is crucial to respect every member because it will raise morale and bring out the best in them.


Good leaders inspire, rather than demand.  Being a good leader means serving as part of the team, helping them execute tasks by facilitating the process.  Establishing a warm and welcoming work environment will be much more productive for your business than micromanaging and trying to constantly be in control.

Seek Perfection

Only in the pursuit of perfection, you can achieve improvement. Conformity only results in mediocrity.  If you strive for perfection, your products will also be at a higher standard, hence promoting your business.

Embrace Scientific Thinking

Scientific thinking will lead to new experiments and discoveries that may be beneficial for the business. You can come up with new strategies and work ethics that may be beneficial to your business.

Focus on the Process

Focusing on processes will help you identify errors so you can improve them. Finding errors and eliminating them is the key to success. It will help you run your business flawlessly. 

Following these principles will drive you towards excellence.

How to display excellence?

Leaders Operational Excellence

Displaying excellence is an overall reflection of how you work.  A few tips to display excellence are:

  1. Have a hunger for excellence
  2. Benchmark against the best
  3. Believe that you can do it
  4. Build a strategy and a plan
  5. Learn from the best
  6. Do not limit yourself
  7. Work hard to achieve excellence
  8. Focus
  9. Be adaptable to changes
  10. Never give up!

Excellence in The Workplace

When the workplace conditions have exceeded the normal standards of expectations it has achieved excellence in the workplace. It is the dream of every business to achieve excellence in the workplace. Excellence in your workplace will directly mean excellence in your products which will benefit your business. Though not easy, it is achievable by following the principles of operational excellence.

Pillars of Operational Excellence

There are certain foundations that need to be laid in order to achieve excellence. These are referred to as the pillars of operational excellence, and they are:

1. Organizational Alignment

  • vision
  • mission
  • organizational structure
  • roles and responsibilities
  • engagement

2. Asset Reliability

  • design for reliability
  • life cycle management
  • RAM modeling
  • parts management
  •  reinvestment

3. Regulations

  • safety
  •  PSM
  •  management of change
  •  environment
  •  validation

4. Manufacturing

  • lean manufacturing
  • product quality
  • yield rate
  • fixed/variable cost
  • operating procedures

5. Energy

  • energy efficiency
  • utility efficiency
  • process optimization
  •  water and waste minimization

Source {North American Association for Environmental Education ( NAAEE )}

Operational Excellence Goals

Focus On Operational Excellence

While striving for operational excellence there are certain parts of your business that are critical to maintain so you have a clearer vision of what you want to create.

Those parts are:

  1. Financial
  2. Operational
  3. Cultural/Workforce


Striving for excellence will drive you towards success in your business. If you don’t work towards excellence it will hinder your ability to work through opposition when it comes. If you follow the tips mentioned on operational excellence, and what drives operational excellence, you’re on the right track to reach it!

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