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What Makes Network Maintenance Vital For Your Business

What Makes Network Maintenance Vital For Your Business

We Should Know About Network Maintenance

Network maintenance is the work done to keep a network up and running by doing various tasks, such as troubleshooting problems, installing, configuring, and monitoring the network, etc. Now, we’re going to discuss how network maintenance works and why network maintenance is important. 

Why Is Network Maintenance Important? 

Your business needs to perform various calculations based on the information provided by each computer in the network. Network maintenance becomes important here because without a proper network your work could be hampered and miscalculations may arise. 

No network is perfect; there are always a few glitches in the network which need to be dealt with and that’s why it’s beneficial to have a dedicated IT team working on this matter. If having a dedicated IT team is not an option, you can always opt for Computer network maintenance services which will provide you with network maintenance services. Demakis Technologies is a reliable company that provides outstanding network maintenance services. 

Network Maintenance Checklist 

There are various tasks performed or services given by a network maintenance team to keep your network up and running. Some of the checklist items are: 

  • IT Troubleshooting services 
  • Hardware and software installation 
  • Hardware and software configuration 
  • Monitoring network performance 
  • Keeping up to date documents on the network 
  • Ensuring compliance with company and legal policies 
  • Securing the network against threats 

Having Stronger Firewalls 

What do stronger firewalls do? 

Firewall security looks into an incoming and outgoing network to make sure there is no unauthorized access to the information. Having a strong firewall may act as a very good security system, but at times it may also lead to problems where your own network won’t be able to reach the information when needed.  

Risk Management Policy Statement 

A risk management policy statement is a tool used by businesses to identify and respond to risks and threats. 

Risk Management vs Risk Assessment 

Risk management is the continuous process of identifying, analyzing, and evaluating risks and then treating them to reduce the adverse effects of loss.  Whereas risk assessment includes technologies that identify and evaluate risk-related concerns. 

Vulnerability Remediation 

Vulnerability remediation is the process of finding weak spots in the software running on your network and applying remedies to them. 

Network Detective Remote Data Collector or IT Services. 

Network detective remote data collector is a windows software that collects data from both the network assessment module and the security assessment module. 

Advantages Of Effective Network Design 

An effective and a well-planned network design will help you in various ways. 

It will give your network a better performance, more resiliency and it will give you more scalability.  

That’s why it’s critical to have an effective network design. The network design can then be implemented for your business. This process of designing a network plan and implementing it for your business is known as network implementation. 

Custom Scanning 

Custom scanning is used to scan and find errors in your network which can be fixed by various means later. It is crucial to scan your network regularly to prevent any miscalculations. 

Advantages Of Cloud Backup 

Cloud storage is cheaper than basic hardware storage, hence making it more affordable. 

Cloud services provide access to your data anytime, anywhere easily.  Read more about cloud backup and storage here


Network maintenance is an important and integral part of your business operations. It is required to plan and then implement your network design to make the best use of its advantages.  

Though it is not always possible to have a dedicated IT team for this job, it is always recommended to have at the very least a suitable MSP for the job.  Demakis Technologies is an MSP expert who will provide you with the most value for your budget.  If you’d like inquire more about MSP for your business, reach out to us!   

If you’re interested to learn more about how Demakis Technologies can help streamline your business’s IT, contact us

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