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What Is Digital Transformation And Why Is It Important

What Is Digital Transformation And Why Is It Important

Modern Workplace Trends That You Should Follow

Digital transformation is the use of digital technology to remodel services of business by replacing non–digital technology by digital technology. It is crucial for a better performing business as it takes less time to do things digitally and more accurate.

Today, we are going to talk about the transformation plan, framework, strategy, and many other things related to it. 

Digital Transformation Plan 

Transformation is now the key focus of many companies for their growth. But any changes within a company will bring forth many challenges, therefore it is necessary to have a transformation plan which is shared with all. 

There are several models of transformation plan available. The best possible consideration will be demakistech.com as they provide excellent plans and services at the most affordable price. 

Digital Transformation Framework 

This framework is a blueprint of how a company will through a significant amount of change if they decide to go through a transformation. It will guide every part of the organization throughout the process. 

Digital Transformation Strategy 

In order to give your digital transformation, the maximum chances of succeeding, you must have a strategy. 

It is a plan describing how a company should strategically work through the transformation in order to reposition itself in the digital economy. A strategy will provide you with solutions that will help you get through the transformation journey smoothly. 

Tackling the Digitalization Challenge 

Although the digitalization might be difficult and challenging at times but having a proper plan, framework and strategy make the transformation easier. 

Digital Transformation In The Workplace 

Transformation in the workplace is a necessity because most of the businesses around the world are going digital. The company which will be able to exploit its digital assets will profit the most in the near future. 

Modern Workplace Trends 

Following modern workplace trends is a must for transformation because it helps you by keeping up with other companies with the use of the latest technologies. 

Here are a few modern workplace trends to follow: 

  1.  Wearable technology 
  2. Office design 
  3. Workplace flexibility 
  4. Work-life balance 
  5. Sharing economy and freelancing 
  6. Employee experience and new performance review 
  7. Boomerang employees 
  8. Non-traditional credentials
  9. Financial and mental wellness 
  10. Usage of smart digital tech 

Digital Worker 

A digital worker is an artificial intelligence-based software that performs human jobs by performing end-to-end activity and automation. 

Strategic Transactions 

Strategic Transactions means a strategic partnership with an unofficial third party that relates to the benefit of the company. 

Non-technology Assets 

The transformation will help you gain more and more digital assets, but it is also necessary to have assets that will provide you non-technology benefits. 

Few examples are human networks or friendly relations with other organizations. 


Digital transformation is of utmost necessity during this digital era. It is essential to have a plan before digitizing your organization. It will help your business compete with the other business and will yield fruitful results. Benefits of Digital transformation solutions help to transformation journey smoothly and easier. 

If you’re interested to learn more about how Demakis Technologies can help streamline your business’s IT, contact us! 

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