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Website Design 2021: What’s “in”& What’s NOT

website design trends

In this article we’ll be addressing the latest trends in website design for 2021.

Specifically, we’ll take a look at trends both businesses and professionals should include in their web design, and those they should definitely drop.

So if you want to know what’s “in” and what’s NOT in website design for 2021, you’ll want to read this article.

Let’s dive right in!

Web Design: What’s NEW?

web design trends

The world has changed over the last year.

Lockdowns, remote work, social distancing, and the new normal have all affected the role of web designers.

But web designs affect the world around us more than we think.

With more people spending their time online, web design has become an integral part of the day-to-day human experience.

In 2021, web design trends seem to stayaway from hi-tech and lean towards realism.

Web designers are blending digital with everyday life in their designs, like never before.

What’s “in” Latest Web Design Trends to Track

Researching website design trends of 2021, we’ve come across a lot of new and interesting design elements that we implement in our work.

These trends look completely different from previous years, and what you may be used to.

So in this part of the article, we’ll explore 5 modern web design trends you should keep track of in 2021:

#1 Support a Cause

In 2021, more brands, companies, and designers are speaking out in support of a cause.

The product itself is no longer enough for customers to choose it.

With a lot of environmental initiatives and social movements like #BlackLivesMatter, many people select brands and products that support the same causes as they do.

If the brand shares customers’ values and principles, they feel connected to the product.

E-commerce design was quick to catch up to this trend.

E-commerce businesses are now using bold, iconic visuals to showcase the cause they represent.

In doing so, they’re making themselves more appealing to more customers who’d prefer to choose a brand that stands in support of a shared cause.

#2 Sensitivity and Optimism

In 2020, we all experienced the same crisis. This has led many brands to focus on the emotional wellness of customers.

People are tired of pessimism. They’re looking for optimism and joy in brand messaging.

That’s what designers should focus on this year.

A friendly, supportive, and joyful tone is what people want to see on your website. Colors and fonts should be lighter and brighter than last year.

Using a playful copy in combination with a vivid design to make people laugh is also a plus.

#3 Scrolling Transformations

trends in website design

One of the web design trends for this year is the transformation of the scrolling experience.

This transformation includes color scheme changes, animated transitions, and complete shifts in the website layout.

There is also a growing trend of visual storytelling on websites.

Designers use animations and beautiful illustrations, making each scroll seem like a new page.

A new trend among web designers is experimenting with horizontal scroll. It is a different and practical way to present secondary information progressively thatengages website visitors.

#4 Grain Design Trend

Grainy textures give websites a personality and a more natural feel.

Studio Gusto, for example, uses a lo-fi design website that gives a new and different user experience.

#5 Abstract Compositions and Cartoon Illustrations

In 2021, web designers are mixing abstract shapes into complex compositions.

These abstract compositions are taking the place of stock photography.

As a result, websites are expressive and vibrant, even in the absence of human faces.

One of the interesting design trends is also cartoonillustration.

Cartoons have gained popularity because they offer a lot to the brand message, especially in terms of creativity and a personal touch to the brand’s storytelling.

What’s “out”: Web design trends to drop in 2021

#1 Using Code

website design code

No code – means that you can become something more, no matter who you are.

Not using code to design a website eliminates the dividing lines between people who aren’t web developers.

Through no code, writers can design websites, designers can be front-end developers, and small businesses can get into the world of e-commerce.

People with the same goal can get together in collaboration to design great things.

#2 Flat Aesthetic vs Retro Touch

Web development is constantly movingforward, but when it comes to web design, designers like to bring up the old times.

The flat aesthetic is out, and designers are trying to deepen consumers’ online experiences.

The fashion of the early 2000s is coming back — quirky and unpredictable layouts, textures, and patterns.

Brands that want to stand out should use unusual layouts and themes, with a retro touch.

The page for Spotify’s Carnival promotion is an example of traditional fonts with a cool and modern spin.

#3 Colors

This year, people will probably spend most of their time online, just like last year.

Web designers had that in mind. So the colors are focused on being easy on the eyes.

In 2021, web designers should stay away from extremes of dark and light, and use soft color palettes and pastels instead.

These are calming and relaxing – just what people need in these hard times.

“There will be a competition for making designs as simple as possible with subtle and cool colors, so that users can spend more time looking at a website design.” Tweeted RV™, a designer at 99designs.

If you’re looking to avoid these trends in the design or redesign your website, we can help.

Demakis Technologies offers web design services following only the latest UI and UX trends.

We build websites that are functional and easy to use, but also gorgeous to look at so your main platform can attract visitors and persuade them to buy your products or services.

We also provide cyber security services, so you know the website you get will be 100% safe to use.

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