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The Best Ways to Improve Customer Support and Delight Customers

Customer Support

No matter how great of a product you have, its attractiveness can quickly become secondary if your customer and leads are faced with your unreliable, unpleasant, or hard-to-reach customer support.

So don’t be one of the many organizations that underestimate the importance of investing in customer service. It’s one of the many often overlooked factors for long-term business success.

That is why we prepared this neat guide to get you started with reliable support. And not only will we give tips for helping customers – we’ll give tips for delighting them, as well! That’s right, there is a slight difference, and we’ll cover that, as well.

Difference Between Regular Customer Support and Providing Customer Delight

Offering customers basic help and information just doesn’t cut it these days. Regular support means customer expectations by providing support and answering inquiries via phone, email, chat bots, live chats, etc.

Providing customer delight means going a step further. It means exceeding customer expectations and building authentic bonds that last. To do this, you need to get the customer to feel like they just had a positive experience with your brand, product, or service. Virtual and in-person events, online fairs and other happenings should use certain tools and processes to provide such a delightful customer service experience. 

Do this right, and you’ll incite an emotion. And positive emotions in business lead to loyalty.

Your business strategy, brand, and understanding of your target market all contribute to the unique experiences you provide. Customers are willing to pay more for a better product or service.

Unquestionably, having a “wow” moment can influence customers’ attitudes and improve their level of customer satisfaction. That can contribute greatly to fostering long-term brand trust and loyalty.

And the numbers support this sentiment, too. Over 65% of people have higher expectations for today than they did three to five years ago.

Improve Customer Support

10 Tips for Delivering Great Customer Service and Customer Delight

Now, here are great ways for leveling up customer support.

Get the Right People for the Job and then Provide Them Job Security

In today’s world of remote work, outsourcing, and other ways of tapping into the global pool of talent, it’s easy to slip into behavior that leads workers feeling uninspired.

Don’t treat customer support as an afterthought. Your customer service representatives shouldn’t be people just willing to sit around, and answer calls. Rather, hire those who fit the required attitude, and are willing to hone their skills. You need passionate people with empathy and patience, willing to grow and adopt new trends in customer support.

And once you have them, do try and keep them. That means not treating them as overworked call center operators, but as employees whose ideas are needed to be heard and seen.

Unify Your Communication Tone, Business Mission, and Vision Statements

Having a unified brand identity isn’t just a thing the marketing department follows. It trickles down to other departments, as well. The Support team must have a mission and vision statements they follow.

If you’re unclear about these terms, think of the mission as your team’s present primary objective. The vision statement is more of a future goal. You should keep both in mind when dealing with customers and communicating with them in a manner akin to your brand’s identity.

These things are helpful for newcomers to your team that need a sense of direction. As they grow and gather experience, they can pepper their approach with the best their own personality has to offer.

Automate Your Processes With a Help Desk Software

Surely you didn’t think we’d finish off without the perks of technology?

Enticing customer delight means using the best humans and machines have to offer. Cloud-based help desk tools can assist in taking off some work load from your team, so you can get more done in less time. That not only automates internal processes, but it also boosts employee productivity.

And automated processes also means a more refined chatbot, so that simpler inquiries can be dealt by an AI. Moreover, customer’s get more effective support 24/7, year-round! In the meantime, your employee can focus on more complicated issues.

Analyze Customer Feedback

If you’re not looking into customer feedback analytics, you’re losing valuable insight. There is lot to be learned about your product from those who have experienced it or at least looked at it with fresh eyes.

To acquire actionable feedback, you should ask for it at the end of a live chat conversation, a checkout, or the resolution of a support ticket. Some tips for analzying customer feedbacks can be found below:

  • Group feedbacks into categories
  • Sort feedback into negative, positive, and neutral ones.
  • Consolidate results to make an action plan.

Final Word

You’ve taken the right step if you’re here and taking in all the information that can help you provide better customer support.

If you’re aiming for that customer delight, doing the following won’t hurt, as well:

  • Keep Website Updated With Fresh Info and FAQ
  • Have Each Customer Support Representative Learn Thoroughly About Your Product
  • Maximize Chat and Email Templates
  • Respond Quickly
  • Utilize Creative Problem-Solving

Remember, customers want to be treated like people, not a number. For customer service-driven growth, combine your best soft skills with the wonders of technology.

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