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How To Ensure Safety While Working Remotely

How To Ensure Safety While Working Remotely

Tips On Working Remotely From Home

During this time of the pandemic, most people worldwide are working from home to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Employees don’t need to travel to their office premises anymore; instead they work from home. Today we’re going to discuss working from home, remote working tips, and working remotely. 

Remote Working Tips 

As most of us are working from home now, there are few remote working practices that will make your work much more efficient and safe. Here are a few tips on how to work remotely: 

Invest In Reliable Tech 

Apart from having a good internet connection, you should also have good tech in your hands. For example good noise cancellation headphones for a hassle-free work environment or a wireless mouse and keyboard. 

Designate a Workspace 

Set up a specific area in your home for your work. This way allow you to focus better. This could be any part of your home where you will not be disturbed during your work hours. 

Maintain a Consistent Routine 

Set up a work schedule for yourself. Wake up and go to sleep at specific times every day. This will keep your time table organized and will make time management easier. 

Over Communicate 

Since you’re not working from your office anymore, you need to communicate with your co-workers and managers regularly using various tools to get information about work and to know what is expected from you. 

Take Breaks 

In your office, you may have routinely dropped by your co-worker’s desk for a quick chat or a coffee break. While working remotely there’s no reason why you should stop doing the same. Take a break at times to keep your mind refreshed and remain productive. 

Challenges in Maintaining Cybersecurity 

While working from home you need to keep your security on check since you’re no longer connected to a secure network.  Here are a few challenges to tackle to maintain your cybersecurity: 

Unsafe WiFi networks 

Working from home, we use our home wireless network or any other WiFi. These are not secure or well protected. Attackers can easily bypass security and acquire your sensitive information. This is especially a major issue for IT workers’ network security. 

Information technology security 

Some home workers use their personal devices for work. All their work-related and personal information are present in such devices. A hacker can now gain access to both their work-related and personal information. 

Apps used for video conferencing 

The apps we use may not be secure either. Lately, there have been increasing security concerns with the use of “Zoom”, a video conferencing app. 

Control Measures While Working from Home 

A few measures to ensure order among employees during the work–from–home phase and increase productivity are as follows:  

Balance Flexibility And Structure 

Determine when and the number of hours your employees need to work. 

Avoid Micromanaging 

Trust your team and avoid excessive instruction every moment of the day.  Instead, seek to inspire your team and hold meetings at a reasonable frequency when needed.  

Set Clear Expectations 

Provide your employees with adequate instruction and information on the tasks assigned to them and what the final deliverables should be.   

Invest In Up-To-Date Technology 

Use the latest technologies to manage your employees and work. 

Work from Home in Cybersecurity 

There are multiple opportunities to work from home in the cybersecurity field.  A few of those opportunities exist in: 

  1. Demakis Technologies 
  2. Cybersecurity research 
  3. Security consultancy 
  4. Audits 
  5. Penetration testing 
  6. IAM analysis 
  7. Security architecture etc 

As cybercrime is increasing every day, there is also an increase in the demand for professionals who can protect companys’ digital space. There are abundant opportunities for working from home in cybersecurity. 


While working from home, it is crucial to keep your security on check to avoid undesirable situations. Follow the above remote working tips, practices, and consider the challenges in cybersecurity to enjoy a secure workspace! 

If you’d like to learn more about securing your home workspace and security, contact us here at Demakis Technologies.