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inclusive web design

How Inclusive Web Design Can Benefit Your Business

Accessibility is a legal obligation in some countries and a human right. There has been a significant rise in lawsuits relating to web accessibility. Designers are now beginning to understand the importance of inclusive web design. In light of this, here are just some of the ways making website design as inclusive and accessible as possible is a plus for your business.

What is Inclusive Web Design?

Inclusive web design refers to website design that doesn’t rob visitors of their UX experience regardless of their demographics, impairment, or other temporary or permanent conditions.

Accessible web design is crucial in making a website inclusive and it means removing any obstacles for people with disabilities.

There are many things to take into consideration when building an inclusive website experience. To make sure you’re not standing in a way of a visitor from fully using or experiencing a website, here are some factors to think about:

  • Physical limitations that affect hearing, vision, or dexterity
  • Mental conditions that affect speech or cognition
  • Situational limitations that hinder the user from using the product to its maximum potential
  • Technical barriers such as equipment, internet access, and computer literacy
  • Geographical and language limitations
  • Various demographic factors, including age, race, and gender
  • Social and economic divisions

Now that we’ve solved what’s an inclusive web design, let’s move on to the benefits it can bring to a business.

Inclusive Design Lets You Reach a Broader Market

Did you know that over a billion people in the world have a disability? Many people omit that fact from their minds, even though there are barely eight times more people on the planet in general.

So, inclusive web design means you’re making sure you’re catering to these people. It’s a chance to reach a broader marketplace, consisting of both abled and disabled people.

Everyone deserves a maximum of their UX experience, and inclusive web design is one way of making sure that happens.

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Inclusive Web Design Improves SEO

In short, Google’s algorithm favors inclusive websites. If you implement elements of website accessibility to your business, Google will reward you for your inclusion effort and optimal UX.

When Google’s crawlers index your website, they will rank you higher just for the accessibility (if everything else is in place, of course). This is your chance to stand out, as many websites sadly still omit website accessibility from their web design.

So if you’re looking for ways to rank better and lower those bounce rates, a good SEO marketing method would be to pay attention to inclusive web design.

Inclusive Design Fuels Teams and Their Optimism

A company that actively promotes diversity on its website is more likely to have an engaged workforce. The team feels happier and works harder if it feels it’s for a great cause. Deep down, we all want our work to have value.

People who find purpose in their work are more likely to stick with their employer, according to research. It goes beyond people who are only driven by success or money. They are also more inclined to advertise their businesses, recommend them to other potential employees, and push friends and family to use the business’ services and products.

Inclusive Design Brings Up Brand Awareness

Everyone wants to feel included. People with disabilities, POCs (people of color), those who grew up in unusual or downright harmful family structures, people from the LGBTQIA community, and minorities – all want to feel welcome and included.

When a user finds your website easy to use, recognizes visual components that have meaning for them or reads language that validates their comprehension, they feel connected, which can give your brand an advantage over rivals who are merely aiming to appeal to the general market.

The greatest method to ensure that your brand remains in their memory the next time they require your services is to create a customer experience they will recognize and feel a part of. That is where we arrive at brand awareness.

Make inclusiveness one of your core values and principles, and connect with the audience on a personal basis with your marketing strategy. Brand awareness is a great long-term strategy since it brings growth and recognition.

Final Word

Try walking in the user’s shoes. Everyone has the right to access, view, and engage with the content you publish online. Don’t take that right away. Make your users happy by considering all aspects of site design.

Although this post scratches the surface of the accessibility topic, we hope that we were able to illustrate its importance and give you actionable tips for making your websites and digital products more accessible to all users.