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Content Filtering

Content Filtering [Definition + Benefits]

This is a quick guide to content filtering.

In this new guide, we’re going to answer questions such as:

  • What is content filtering
  • How it works
  • Why is it important for your company
  • And more

So if you’re looking to integrate a content filtering solution or improve the filtering on your firewall, then this article will help you.

Let’s begin.

What is content filtering?

Content filtering (or information filtering) is the process of screening access or availability to web pages or emails that can threaten user or network security. The goal of this software is to block content that contains this harmful information and let organizations control content access via their firewalls.

What types of solutions exist?

There are two main types of content filtering:

  • Content filtering hardware
  • Content filtering software

Both of these solutions are often built into devices or integrated into their systems to block access to information. At the same time, information filtering is a crucial part of internet firewalls.

There are also content filtering tools that typically companies use to raise their cyber security or enforce corporate policies around IT system management.

For example, organizations use information filtering to limit employee access to social media websites.

Besides this there are also several sub-types of content filters:

Internet filters: the most common form of content filter. Internet filters block access to specific webpages or websites and are managed via firewalls or browser-based filters (extentions).

Search engine filters: these content filters allow users to deny access to inappropriate links from their search results pages.

Search engine filters

DNS: this form of filters blocks domains that operate outside of acceptable DNS settings that an organization outlines in its corporate policy.

Email filters: email content filters screen the body, subject line, headings, and attachments in email messages to block or reject incoming mail with malicious intent (e.g. Phishing scams).

Web content filters: these filters prevent users from accessing web pages by blocking URLs and preventing browsers from loading specific sites, either based on content or site security.

Proxy filtering: proxy filters are gateway security measures between user devices and servers that enable admins to restrict user access to specific websites. Proxy filters are commonly used by public institutions such as governments or schools. 

Why is content filtering important?

Content filtering helps to protect users and their devices, networks, and servers from harmful information by preventing access to it.

This enables all parties to operate on the internet in a safe and secure environment.

Besides this, there are other benefits of content filtering to users and their organizations:

Minimizing malware attacks

Content filters enable your organization to block access to websites known to carry malware. In this way, you protect data by reducing threats. 

You also reduce remediation time and the workload necessary for incident response.

Protecting you from exploit kits

Cyber attacks are a big security risk to your organizations’ data and assets. Exploit kits have codes that allow hackers to attack your web browsers via its extentions and plugins.

Content filters prevent this from happening by identifying exploit kits and blocking access to them before a user can trigger it with a download.

Boosting network bandwidth

User activity that isn’t work-related can affect the bandwidth of your organization. Content filters help you to limit users’ access to specific websites that raise bandwidth usage (e.g. YouTube). In turn, blocking these websites can make internet usage more efficient for all of your employees.

Raising staff productivity

Besides technical benefits, content filters also have a practical application. By limiting access to specific websites, like social media channels, online shopping platforms, and streaming sites, you raise the productivity of your workforce. (Since they’ll spend less time wasting the company’s time).

Web content filtering

Start Using Content Filtering

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