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How to Use IT Service Desk to Optimize Operations

it service desk

IT has become the backbone of modern business. 

It dictates how companies operate and interact with their employees, customers or partners. 

If you decide to use it wisely, it can help you a great deal in taking your business to the next level. 

Now let’s see how you can use an IT service desk to optimize your operations. 

Let’s get started. 

What Is an IT Service Desk?

An IT service desk is a proactive and strategic approach to manage a business’s IT requests and issues. It’s the operating arm of an organization’s IT department, designed to keep operations running smoothly. 

IT service desks manage everything from individual technical problems such as a slow PC to company-wide problems such as  total system outages. IT service desks provide a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for IT users to smoothly and efficiently interact with the organization’s IT department. 

Should You Use IT Service Desk Software?

Solving problems quickly can give a competitive advantage to an organization, whereas a poor service desk only creates problems. 

The right IT service desk software is an engine that ensures fast processing and solving of users problems, as well as increasing productivity for support and IT staff. 

IT service desk software provides a ticketing system for staff to organize and respond to customer inquiries, as well as create information portals on the company’s website. 

So, yes – a capable and easy-to-use service desk software can really be a game changer and keep things moving forward.

it service desk support

How Do IT Service Desk Services Optimize Operations?

The decision of choosing the right IT service desk software comes down to the benefits it can provide to the organization and its employees

Let’s take a look at some. 

Benefit #1 

IT service desk software can handle customer questions or issues, management, response and resolution via IT service desk ticketing system. This means that a support agent or anyone else involved in dealing with an issue can track a problem until it’s fixed and provide status updates along the way. 

Benefit #2

Customers can contact your business via different channels – phone, email, social media, text or live chat. One of IT service desk services is providing a multi-channel support that allows you to choose from whichever channels your customers prefer. 

Benefit #3

IT service desk software has some self-serving options as well. There is no faster resolution than when users can solve their own problems without having to wait for other resources, or even wait on the phone.

Benefit #4

Tracking and analytics give managers insight into their team’s performance, customer satisfaction and more. This way, you can get a pretty clear picture of your customers’ pain points, and how to improve your service operation and business as a whole. 

Benefit #5

When a high-priority or critical issue is created, the agent most capable of resolving it is automatically notified. This ensures high-priority problems get immediate attention.

Also, automation can allow users or employees to track the status, expected resolution, and who is handling an existing problem in real-time. 

IT Service Desk Support Best Practices?

Now let’s take a look at the best practices that can help you optimize your IT service desk support.

#1 Target First Contact Resolution (FCR)

First contact resolution means fixing problems when customers register for the first time, with no follow ups required. Support agents should focus on resolving support tickets at first contact. 

On the one hand, this will help decrease both downtime and costs, and on the other, it will increase customer satisfaction and trust.

#2 Train your support staff

it service desk outsourcing

The IT sector experiences constant and fast-paced development. You want your agents up to date with these new changes.

Consistent training programs are a great way to expand your staff’s knowledge and improve their skills. 

#3 Provide a knowledge base

You want your IT staff to be productive, right? That’s not really going to happen if you keep them busy all day responding to simple user requests. 

Nowadays, lots of businesses tend to reduce the gap between users and available knowledge. One great way to do this is offering a self-help portal that provides users with right solutions in the form of how-to videos, self-help articles or FAQs.

A good knowledge base will help your customers in finding all the help they need without having to open a support ticket.

#4 Track key metrics

In order to identify flaws in the IT support and fix any performance issues, you should measure and monitor performance across key metrics such as: average ticket resolution time, ticket resolution rate, number of open or unresolved tickets, tickets resolved at FCR, number of escalations to higher levels of support.

IT Service Desk Outsourcing: Should You Do It?

The key question with outsourcing has always been, should I do it myself or buy in what services I need?

While some companies choose to manage IT support services in-house, it’s become increasingly common for organizations to outsource this kind of work. Why? There are many reasons why IT service desk outsourcing totally makes sense, but the most prominent one is probably because it’s cheaper. 

The IT outsourcing market is very competitive, which keeps the prices low. It means you could save a great amount of money if you choose to go this way. In-house support services bring the huge cost of recruitment, training and hardware for IT employees. A fixed cost outsourcing contract means not only that you can save money, but it also allows you to manage your annual operating costs more easily. 

it service desk services

Over to you

Do you think an IT service desk could improve your business? 

Implementing this kind of solution is definitely not a one-man job. 

But hey, we got you. 

Demakis Technologies is a full IT service provider. We specialize in offering professional tech support to all your business needs, from cybersecurity to managed services.

Please contact us today and get the support you need to start offering a better experience to your customers.

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