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IoT 2021: Newest Trends and Advancements

Internet of Things

In this article, we’ll address the newest trends and advancements in the Internet of Things for 2021.

Specifically, we’ll explain the current role of the Internet of Things (IoT) in business.

But also how recent disruptions like COVID-19 have pushed IoT into its golden age.

While most of its potential is yet to come, it’s worth taking a moment to observe the current IoT trends and where it may go from here.

So, what is emerging in the Internet of Things?

Let’s find out.

What Are the Newest Advances in IoT?

Internet of Things Iot 2021

#1 Connectivity

There’s no doubt that IoT supports digital transformation of business. But this is also what makes it the spearhead of the development of new business models.

And the tip of that spearhead? Connectivity.

With the number of devices that businesses rely on peaking every year, connecting all those devices is critical for success.

IoT is the bedrock of that connectivity. As such, it will have to be agile to meet new network performance demands.

This will enable IoT to evolve and support emerging use cases, apps and devices following the disruption caused by COVID-19 in 2020.

Cellular, 5G, satellite, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, and LPWAN are just some of the types of device and sensor connectivity IoT is going to support in 2021.

#2 Augmented Role of Data Analytics

The ability of IoT to remain relevant relies on data. Specifically, it provides a way to view and digest data in an actionable way.

But what do these advancements in the IoT mean for business?

These IoT developments are what makes technology desirable to customers.

It also enables businesses to leverage data analytics to process actionable information about customers that the Internet of Things produces.

If implemented correctly, data analytics will allow businesses to seek out and select patterns and trends in consumer behavior collected across a variety of devices and channels of communication.

As a result, the insight businesses will gain with data analysis of IoT information will allow them to make more effective decisions that truly have an impact on the market.

Internet of Things 2021

#3 Security

Despite the fact that there are many benefits of using the latest technology in IoT to advance business, like prescriptive data, it still remains vulnerable to cyberattacks.

In fact, a report in 2020 by Kaspersky found that there were 105 million attacks on IoT endpoints.

As security remains a major concern, research also shows that 90% of users don’t have the confidence to use IoT devices because of the lack of security.

The solution? Cybersecurity.

In 2021, IoT solutions will employ cybersecurity services and experts to try and cut the gap in data protection.

If these efforts can make IoT technology, devices, and data safer by alleviating cybersecurity risks, it will surely raise the integrity of IoT and give back much needed confidence to users when using the Internet.

#4 Evolving IoT Applications

Evolving applications and use cases of IoT solutions are emerging at a rapid pace.

Most of this new dependency on IoT has a lot to do with the disruptions caused by COVID-19, and the social and business changes that followed.

As a result, IoT is reaching more business environments and industries, which is accelerating their digital transformation.

One industry where IoT has had a profound effect in 2020 was healthcare.

In an effort to combat the coronavirus, professionals have brought digital and remote health care together.

Researchers, for example, were able to use IoT to connect with collect data, but also share that information with colleagues around the world in an effort to develop a cure.

On the other hand, IoT has also enabled local medical professionals to provide their services to more patients via virtual healthcare without exposing themselves to the virus.

IoT 2021

#5 Workforce Management

As more people move towards a remote workplace, IoT has the potential to raise productivity and efficiency in this new environment.

The best example of this is how companies are using IoT to manage their remote staff.

The connectivity of IoT, cloud computing and new communication protocols have helped many to continue their operations without too much disruption.

As more and more companies have to adapt to remote work, IoT will remain a vital element in this ecosystem, as it provides organizations with greater visibility and flexibility to manage employees at home.

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