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How does the IT roadmap help plan your business?

How Do The IT Roadmaps Help Plan Your Business?

Benefits of IT Roadmap

Today we are going to define IT roadmaps, provide an example of an roadmap, and discuss a typical roadmap of a company and the roadmap builder.

IT roadmap

A roadmap is a technological strategic plan used by businesses for IT-related initiatives in the organization. There are several types of roadmaps such as:

  • Enterprise roadmap
  • IT project roadmap
  • IT architecture roadmap
  • Engineering roadmap

Benefits of IT roadmap

IT Roadmaps Help Plan Your Business

Some benefits of having an roadmap are: 

It Makes your IT initiatives more strategic

Organizing and planning a roadmap will help you strategically plan and identify the items needed for your business, the items that you do not need, and the items you need to prioritize.

It Saves you money

Planning a roadmap will also save you money by eliminating tasks and systems that are costing the organization too much money.

It Keeps the organization running smoothly

When you have a strategy, your employees will know what critical things to do to not disrupt the smooth flow of the organization.

Roadmap of a company

IT Roadmaps Help Your Business

A business roadmap of a company is a plan on how and where your company is heading and how to get it there. It depicts in the bigger picture for your business. It defines your company goals and objectives and illustrates the strategies for achieving growth. The roadmap of a company must therefore include its goals and objectives and by which means to achieve them. It is typically the same as the roadmap of a business where growth is the main factor.

Roadmap builder

An roadmap builder is a visual summary of your goals and objectives, and how you are going to achieve them.

Making changes to your company’s technological environment can be a difficult task, but can be achieved by simply following these steps:

Identify your objectives

Before you plan your roadmap, you need to identify what you want to achieve. You should visualize your goals and then proceed to the next step. You need to know how your specific strategy will change or benefit the business.

Determine your audience

Be aware of the audience you want to create the roadmap for. This can help create the roadmap in such a way that your targeted audience understands every bit of it.

Establish major themes

After deciding upon what you want to achieve, it is time to turn those goals into plans. Start planning on the highest levels and then plan its minute details.

Share your roadmap with relevant people

When your roadmap is ready, call a meeting and share it with your stakeholders. During this time tell them about the changes to be made and how it is going to evolve the business. 

Start assigning responsibilities

Once the plan is ready to use, turn those plans into tasks.

Review the roadmap with your team and determine which projects to work on first and in which order. Assign the tasks to your team and estimate their completion time.

This is how you build an roadmap.

Visual roadmap

The IT Roadmaps Help Your Business

A visual roadmap is a digital or printable format of your entire plan for presentation purposes. It graphically delineates every goal and objective and how to achieve them step by step.

What is technical planning?

Technical Planning is a process that provides a framework to define the amount of technical effort required to develop, deploy, and sustain the system.

IT infrastructure services

Information technology infrastructure can be defined as a set of IT components that are the foundation of any IT services. Many companies provide such services according to your needs.


Today we discussed IT roadmaps, roadmap examples, and the roadmap of a company. We also discussed the benefits of a roadmap and how to create one.  Here at Demakis Technologies, we strongly recommend preparing a roadmap for your business to achieve your targets.  If you’re interested in improving the efficiency and cost-savings of your business, give us a call!

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