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Public Sector Solutions, Services and Products

Demakis Technologies understands public sector agencies and your requirements for secure, compliant technology solutions and products. We are dedicated to implementing the right communications and infrastructure products to achieve your objectives, meet your budget and optimize your productivity.

We partner with civilian agencies, the armed services, state and local governments as well as educational institutions to deploy leading-edge data and physical network solutions including device control and storage, visualization, collaboration and cabling.


Demakis understands federal agencies requirements for secure, compliant technology solutions. We design advanced products that meet the latest and most rigid security standards to help you achieve your objectives, meet your budget and optimize your productivity without sacrificing your safety


Every emergency operations center (EOC), 911 call center and public-safety answering point (PSAP) relies on critical information visualization and communication.

Demakis control room solutions enable real-time video and information sharing between field and operations centers, resulting in improved situational awareness and faster response times. When lives are on the line and communication is critically important, trust our extensive portfolio that showcases more than 40 years of technical expertise.

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