Constantine Demakis


Constantine Demakis is CEO and Founder of Demakis Technologies Inc. He has an extensive 20 years of experience in the Technology industry; programming, designing, and using his ingenuity to resolve a variety of IT issues for fortune 500 companies as well as medium and small businesses. Originally from Chicago, Mr. Demakis obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Animation and Design from the Art Institute of Chicago, and later moved to Los Angeles, where he obtained a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). During his residence in Los Angeles, Mr. Demakis gained invaluable experience working for distinguished companies such as Square Enix, Electronic Arts (as a Computer Programmer), Sony (as a Project Manager for Animation), Safety Works (IT support), and Blizzard (as a Computer Programmer). After returning to Chicago, Mr. Demakis worked as an independent consultant, where he further refined his technical skills and mastered his leadership skills. Throughout his career, he came to realize the importance of listening to the client’s specific needs and challenges, and providing them with innovative & customized solutions that over-exceed the client’s expectations. His passion, knowledge, experience, diligence, and determination to offer only the highest quality technology service and ultimately surpass the customer’s expectations, is what drove him to create Demakis Technologies. Demakis Technologies Inc. is a trusted and sought-after IT company that can meet every technology need your business may have.