Cloud-based Solutions 

Public Cloud

Our Public Cloud hosting solution offers your organization the opportunity to store company data at our secure data center, in which we are responsible for the management and maintenance.

With this option, deployment of new products is fast, and your organization is not responsible for buying, installing, maintaining servers, or any other equipment. Everything is hosted, and placed in the hands of the experts.

Dedicated Cloud

Dedicated Cloud is a single-tenant cloud option for organizations that already have a data center, because you can use your current infrastructure.

Management, maintenance, and updates, will be totally isolated, with dedicated security, capacity, and performance; and you can feel assured that you'll share few, if any, resources with other organizations.

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Collaboration Cloud

Cloud collaboration offers your associates and employees the opportunity to work together on documents and data, stored off-premises, and outside of the company firewall. There are various platforms that fall under this category, but the impetus is generally that it creates smoother, faster, nicer results.

Many of these tools allow users to set up email alerts when files are altered. Functions such as this help improve productivity and efficiency within an organization.

Hybrid Cloud

This is the perfect one-size-fits-all solution. Let's face it, some projects are better suited to a dedicated environment, and some (especially temporary campaigns, promotions, and other short term projects), are better suited to a public cloud.

This solution allows your organization to dedicate the right resources to the right jobs, seamlessly.