Roxanne Demakis | September 14, 2020

Learn how to make and test your own business continuity plan. learn how it will save you from any future pandemics or disasters.

Roxanne Demakis | September 8, 2020

Phishing a social engineering attack done by emails or links. Learn about different types of phishing attacks to protect personal information. 

Roxanne Demakis | September 3, 2020

Gartner defines it as follows: “Advanced machine learning algorithms are composed of many technologies…


Roxanne Demakis | September 1, 2020

Your business’s guide to information technology and AI solutions.  Find out how artificial intelligence works for your business.

Roxanne Demakis | August 26, 2020

Edge computing, its uses, and edge computing problems are explained in comparison to the Cloud. The upsurge of the IoT, 5G, and AR along with their expected future explosions has created a demand for an edge computing world.

Roxanne Demakis | August 18, 2020

This is an easy-to-understand explanation of what cloud computing is, and why it gives businesses a comparative advantage. We explain the top 5 pros of cloud computing and cloud storage.

Roxanne Demakis | August 7, 2020

Learn website mistakes to avoid, as well as good web design principles, good website appearance, and modern website design tips.

Roxanne Demakis | August 7, 2020

The different backups for businesses are discussed such as cloud backup vs local backup…

Roxanne Demakis | August 7, 2020

Know the 3 critical threats to cloud cybersecurity and its impact on your business.


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