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5 Huge Benefits of Cloud Computing

The Benefits of Cloud Computing for businesses 


Why Cloud Computing? 

Cloud computing is one of the best technologies a business can use to have a comparative advantage.  Cloud hosting allows companies to focus on growing and increasing their revenue without having to worry about IT issues or data loss, among other advantages.  The benefits of cloud computing for businesses far outweigh the risks of cloud computing, which can be substantially minimized by strategic managing. 

Today, we’re going to give you the top 5 pros of cloud computing for businessesBut first, let’s start with the basics! 

What is the cloud computing difference anyway?  In layman’s terms, cloud computing vs. cloud storage, allows you to work off of cloud while the latter only stores shareable data. 

Cloud computing uses the internet to run your software, applications, and network from a remote cloud server offsite.   


The 5 Benefits: 

1. Cloud Hosting Saves You Money

Traditional IT infrastructure requires a large budget for onsite hardware, maintenance, 24/7 energy consumption, and additional maintenance personnel.  Replacing your local servers with Cloud hosting reduces your costs significantly by eliminating the need for these costly elements. 

Aside from saving you money on upfront costs, cloud computing with Demakis Technologies further reduces your expenses by allowing you to only pay for what is used; similar to gas and electricity bills.   

Whereas traditional infrastructure will cost you more money if you need to buy more equipment to suit the growth of your company.  What’s worse, if your business slows down during certain seasons, you will still be stuck paying for extra resources you’re not even using. 


2. Increased Data Security

Local servers have a risk of theft, ransomware, and even physical disastersWhen using cloud storage, you are eliminating those risks.  If any devices are damaged or crash, you’ll have the security of knowing all of your data is stored safely in a remote location.   

Additionally, Cloud uses advanced security features that will keep your data safe from breaches and other cyber threats.     

As a top Cloud Host and storage provider, Demakis Technologies will provide you with automated backups of your complete system, as well as unlimited versions of backups for storage of your data.   

If you are a healthcare provider, rest assured your PHI (protected health information) will be safe with our 100% HIPAA compliant Cloud storage. 


3. Reduced Downtime

 Downtime for any business, large or small means a huge loss in revenue. 

That’s why as your Cloud service provider, Demakis Tech will ensure reliability by employing “safety net” solutions such as servers, security systems, backup storage and backup power so you won’t experience downtime. 


4. Scalability

One of the most notable benefits of Cloud computing is its flexibility and allowance for growth.  Like an elastic, as your business grows, our Cloud computing system allows your infrastructure to quickly and easily expand with it.  During low seasons, it also easily contracts as needed.   


5. Disaster Recovery

Another advantage of our Cloud computing is its incredible recovery speed in the event of a crash.  Being able to access your entire backed-up IT infrastructure at any time or place, you can recover your data in milliseconds!  Now that is powerful. 

If you’re interested in gaining a competitive edge over your contenders, while saving money, increasing the security of your data, and reducing your downtime, give us a call! 

We’ll take care of everything. 

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