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Different Types of Phishing & How To Prevent It

Hi everyone! We’re excited to launch our first webinar here at “Tea Time with Demakis” (TTWD)! Grab your tea or coffee as you learn about the importance of having an adequate Backup and Recovery solution. Do NOT be mislead into believing your online storage or flimsy backup plan is enough. It’s not. It is imperative that your sensitive business data is properly protected to prevent disasters that can cost you dearly and hurt you deeply.

Why Are IT Managed Services Important For Your Business

Why Are IT Managed Services Important For Your Business?

IT managed services as an essential

IT managed services provides a defined set of IT-related services to its clients to make their jobs easier and more efficient. IT managed services strategically provides co-managed services, support, and effective security solutions.   

When a company’s budget isn’t large enough to implement and manage its own IT needs, it is best to rely upon an IT managed services provider, who will supply its needs at affordable prices. 

What to look for before buying IT managed services?  

Now that we know what IT managed services are, let’s examine what to look for before buying IT managed services.  

Do their services meet your needs?  

Figuring out your needs is the first step to take. Know what your needs are and know if your Managed Service Provider will be able to meet your requirements 

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Expertise at work  

Find out if they’ve had clients within your industry in the past and how they performed. Examining their past work will help you determine if they’re good or not.  

Technical supportability  

Technical support is very crucial and it is the reason why companies may change their Managed Service Provider. Check if they conduct surveys for satisfactory customer service. See how they provide after-hours support. Check if they have managed the help desk to provide sufficient help and support.  

Co-managing skills 

Throughout their time working with you, the Managed Service Provider will co-manage the IT work with you. Be it the co-managed IT services, the co-managed IT support, the co-managed IT solutions, or the co-managed technology solutions. See how good they were with their previous clients in co-managing their work on co-managed services and support.  

Effective security solutions  

Providing effective security solutions are another key factor as it is one of the most important parts of their service.  

A few more services may also include:

Customized IT solutions 


IT Managed Services

Appropriate hardware and software customization for the proper functioning of work.  

Comprehensive strategic support services

This will describe how they’ll strategically implement their programs to enhance productivity and tackle specific problems.  

ERP system managed services

The company may provide ERP services which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning services. This includes gathering and organizing business data and providing information regarding sales, accounting, etc.  

IT Managed Services Important For Business

Technology project management services

This set of services includes planning and executing projects according to client requirements.  

Managed Service Provider consideration 

Choosing the best Managed Service Provider for your company might be a challenge, but the company which provides every service mentioned above is not.  

Demakis technologies is the best Managed Service Provider you can select, as they provide every service effectively and efficiently and it will definitely be the best choice for you as it is also affordable.  Demakis Technologies will give you value for your budget. 

You can easily visit them at www.demakistech.com

Different types of companies/industries which need IT managed solutions: 

IT Managed Services and Business
  1. IT solutions for technology companies 
  2. Biotech companies 
  3. Law firms 
  4. Healthcare 
  5. Real Estate 
  6. Construction and Engineering 
  7. Architecture 
  8. Entertainment 
  9. Food/Restaurants 

These are only a few examples of a industries which need IT managed services 


At this time when cybercrime is at its peak and you’re managing work with low level IT staff, it is advisable to acquire an MSP. Prevention is better than the cure. You should get an MSP and prevent any mishap in the future rather than finding the cure in the aftermath. 

All You Need To Know About Your Managed Services Provider

All You Need To Know About Your Managed Services Provider

Managed Service Provider and Its Benefits

If you’re wondering what an MSP is oWhat an MSP does this article is going to help you have a better understanding.  MSP stands for Managed Services Provider. MSP provides network, security, and applicationrelated services via regular remote support in addition to an active onsite participation ithe client’s MSP data center. The term MSP was initially used for infrastructure or gadget-centric services but it now includes maintenance and support. 


As one of the top Managed Services Provider, some of the various tools we use here at Demakis Technologies are: 

    1.  Backup and recovery
    2. Security
    3. Virus protection
    4. Patch updates
    5. Remote access
    6. Remote monitoring and management
    7. PSA software
    8. Integrating tools

We utilize all of these tools to provide you with the best security and management services to help you run your business more efficiently. As your MSP, we will monitor your business 24/7 and protect you from potential cyberattacks at all times. Our services will provide your business with securityWe will also support disaster recovery. Should there be an occurrence of lost data, our Managed Services will include recovery of your lost data. All of these benefits will help your business run better than ever. 



If you have any concerns over your company’s vulnerability to cyberattacksor its security and data managementthese are all reasons why your business needs a reliable MSP like Demakis Technologies. 



There are various factors to consider when selecting the best MSP for you.  

  • Understand your situation

Know your business’s needs. Know which applications and services you will need to use. Know about your cybersecurity and your data storage facilities. 

  • Determine which services you will want

 If you’re not sure, we can help you by assessing your business’s needs, and providing a customized recommendation.   

  • Does your MSP provide remote and on-site support?

 Your MSP should interact face to face with your IT team. Here at Demakis Technologies, we understand how important this interaction is for proper maintenance of your hardware.  

  • Does your MSP provide Cloud services?

Offering cloud services is a must for a good MSP provider.  Read more about the benefits of Cloud here to find out why.  You can rest assured that Demakis Technologies is fully equipped with the best Cloud solutions for your business. 

  • Does you MSP provide Cybersecurity?

 Another must-have for a good MSP is cybersecurity. Demakis Technologies is always ready to tackle any cyberattacks and follow-up recovery, ensuring your risks are reduced 



Now that cybercrime is at its peak, with fearfully skilled hackers around the world, it is vital that your company selects the best MSP available.  Prevention is always better than the cure!  As such, you need a powerful Managed Service Providelike Demakis Technologies to prevent any mishap in the future rather than finding the cure in the aftermath. 

Tea Time with Demakis

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Hi there! Come join us for “afternoon tea” as we discuss a variety of IT topics that will interest you! Our Teatime Webinars will cover a range of subjects where we’ll be sharing the latest trends in technology, tips, and tutorials to help you. You can also check us out on our Demakis Technologies YouTube Channel!