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10 Uncommon Cybersecurity Threats Webinar

Hello, everyone! Welcome to new webinar at “Tea Time With Demakis”. In this webinar we will be talking about 10 Uncommon Cybersecurity Threats you need to avoid. The Cyber World or the Internet is a vast place where the sharing of data has its pros and cons. We all know the pros as our lives are now much easier, thanks to the Internet. However, not many of us are aware of the external cyber threats that go hand in hand with data Cybersecurity Threats.  

Learn about Cloud Jacking, The threat to IoT Devices, Deepfake, Mobile Malware, 5G-to-Wi-Fi Security Vulnerabilities, Insider Cybersecurity Threats, Application Programming Interface (API) Vulnerabilities and Breaches, Email Initiated Infections, User-Initiated Website Visit and DDoS.

If you’d like to learn more about Cybersecurity threat mitigation for your business, contact us here at Demakis Technologies.

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